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Prior to starting in any of programs each individual is booked in for an appointment with one of our staff to go through an assessment. This assessment is to determine your goals with your training, previous exercise history and pre-screen for any injuries or structural imbalances throughout your body to establish where you would be best starting your training with us. We have a pathway for those already at the peak of their fitness or those wishing to start their journey into wellness.


We offer two types of Personalised Training. One is a Personal Training Session with one of our Staff. You will be written and taken through your Individualised Program with the one-on-one support throughout a 60min training session. These sessions range from $80/hour+ depending on the experience and availability of our trainers.

With the second option also cater for those that need less support but more guidance with their training. Here we set the individual up with their own Personalised Training Program and is monitored by the gym staff giving the individual space to progress through the program at their own pace.


Our small group training classes follow a structured training protocol programmed in 5-week blocks. During this training you be exposed weekly to a lot of different training stimulus. We rotate working on our Aerobic and Anaerobic Energy Systems while building up strength, balance, and definition in our upper and lower body. We also take the time to teach and improve new skills or movements as well as taking the time to warm up, activate and mobilise the muscle groups we will be using for the days training.