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CSP is a Gym that engages in strenuous and high intensity exercise routines. You should consider whether this style of exercise is suitable for you. Risks of undertaking such exercise include, but not limited to Rhabdomyolysis – a dangerous condition that results in the death of muscle cells from stress that may be attributed to intensive exercise which overwhelms the body and impairs kidney functions. All members must complete introductory training sessions that direct and guide them through proper exercise movements that are required to safely undertake our strength and conditioning exercises.
CSP is not an ‘Open Gym’ unlike other traditional gyms. All workouts are either, class based at specified times, or prearranged personal training sessions (at additional cost). Gym Nation may set aside times where the Gym operates in an open format for members to familarise themselves with the gym’s equipment, improve exercise technique, or undertake independent unsupervised training.
CSP is committed to training excellence and reserves the right to change, operating hours, type and quantity of equipment, the type and frequency of its classes, and fees, from time to time at its sole discretion.